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Welcome to the Website for Energy Efficiency Technologies for Railways  

Energy efficiency for railways means reducing the energy consumption and, by this way, reducing the energy costs and the emissions of pollutants and CO2 whilst further growth of rail traffic.

Even though rail is more energy efficient than most other transport modes, the enhancement of energy efficiency is an important issue for Railways to reduce their contributions to climate change further as well as to save and enlarge competition advantages involved.
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One key means of improving energy efficiency is to deploy advanced technologies. Therefore, the International Union of Railways (UIC) funded a project where all relevant railway energy saving technologies have been analysed, categorised and evaluated.

These evaluated technologies are available in the database on this website where you can get an overview of the potential of current energy efficiency technologies for possible improvements on existent rolling stock or when procuring new material.

You have different possibilities to search for technologies practical for your request and you can search also for interesting projects where promising energy efficiency potentials where realised . You have the possibility to discuss with other railway experts about these topics and you can also add new technologies and projects.

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