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In order to identify and making available the best means of reducing specific energy consumption, knowledge management with regard to energy-efficient rail technologies needs to be conducted in a user-oriented way. Findings from studies and research projects need to be actively communicated, otherwise no long-term benefit can be obtained.

Therefore, the results of the project EVENT will not be published in form of a report as usual at UIC but in form of internet-based, interactively utilisable databases with user-oriented front ends. With such databases it will be possible to search for and display specific results by using technology criteria as well as supplementing and updating the existing results.

The Internet interface allows a straightforward access to the evaluated technologies and projects by the EVENT project. Central to the concept is a comprehensive series of interlinked databases in which the findings from study and research projects are deposited in systematically prepared form:

  • It is possible to search for technological data on specified problem areas.
  • New projects and technologies can be entered by users. In this way the active involvement of the user and a constant updating of the database is possible (to safeguard the quality of information available, however, an evaluation of this sort is kept strictly separate from those undertaken in the context of the EVENT project).
  • Users can add their contributions to existing projects and technologies via discussion forums on diverse key areas (custom definable).
  • Information about new entries will be sent automatically to interested users.
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