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About the Evaluation

The Compilation of Energy Efficiency Technologies
First of all, a widespread literature research, numerous interviews with railway energy experts from railway operators, major manufacturing companies and railway research groups and additional questioning European railway operators led to about 100 technologies and projects which can contribute to energy efficiency of Railways.
more about energy efficiency technologies (PDF file)

The Evaluation
The data was systematically evaluated with the aid of an evaluation tool, that was specially developed for this purpose. It consists of a technological description and focuses on the evaluation of each technology for the application on railways: technological potential, benefits, obstacles, energy efficiency, economical and environmental criteria, etc.
more about the evaluation (PDF file)

The Reconciliation
To get a solid data basis and a realistic view of the specific requirements for Railways in different countries, the direct contact to members of railways was given a special emphasis. On a workshop in June 2002 with participants, that mainly came from European Railways, first project results were discussed with experts and implementation schemes were elaborated.
more about the involved railways

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