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Welcome to the Database for Energy Efficiency Technologies and related Projects for Railways

Database Content
This database contains railway-related technologies and energy-saving techniques. It covers a wide spectrum of technological and operational issues ranging from traction technologies to energy-efficient driving and procurement.
Please note: Evaluated technologies are marked with or evaluated in order to ensure high information quality.
Projects related to energy efficiency in railways are described in this section. Research and development activities are included as well as pilot applications and relevant purchasing projects.

New Entries
Here you can find the last 5 entries which were created or updated.

Technologies Date created
Flywheel based WESS 2017-01-07
Space Utilization 2011-06-07
Fuel Stabilizer 2008-05-22
Automatic Train Control 2 2007-05-20
Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS) 2004-04-16

Projects Date created
Rail Flywheel Product - Los Angeles Metro 2017-01-07
20 The Carbon ladder - contractor involvement 2012-10-22
19 Using heat pumps for heating of switches 2012-10-22
18 Control of switch heating 2012-10-22
17 Energy efficient cooling of switch boxes 2012-10-22

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