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   On-board energy storage in DC systems  evaluated  
Modern energy storage devices permit the storage of braking energy on-board for use in subsequent acceleration phases. Especially in DC system, where energy losses in the distribution network are high, this could be an interesting alternative to feeding back energy into the supply system. Furthermore reduced peak load is beneficial for system capacity, voltage stability and energy costs.
Technology field: Regenerative braking and energy management
close main section General information
  open sub-section Description
close main section General criteria
  open sub-section Status of development: research & experiments
  Time horizon for broad application: 5 - 10 years
  Expected technological development: highly dynamic
  Benefits (other than environmental): medium
  Barriers: (no data)
  Applicability for railway segments: medium
    Type of traction:  electric - DC
    Type of transportation:  passenger - regional lines, passenger - suburban lines
    Grade of diffusion into railway markets:
  Diffusion into relevant segment of fleet: 0 %
  Share of newly purchased stock: 0 %
  Market potential (railways): low
close main section Environmental criteria
  open sub-section Impacts on energy efficiency:
  Energy efficiency potential for single vehicle: > 10%
  Energy efficiency potential throughout fleet: (no data)
  Other environmental impacts: neutral
close main section Economic criteria
  open sub-section Vehicle - fix costs: high
  Vehicle - running costs: significant reduction
  Infrastructure - fix costs: none
  Infrastructure - running costs: unchanged
  Scale effects: high
  Amortisation: 2 - 5 years
no data available Application outside railway sector (this technology is railway specific)
close main section Overall rating
  open sub-section Overall potential: promising
  Time horizon: mid-term
References / Links:  Hentschel et al. 2000
Related projects:  Studies performed on energy storage systems;  THALES: hybrid tram train with on-board ultracapacitors
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 date created: 2002-10-09
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