Technology display

There are two ways to display detailed information about the technology. You can click on the plus icons in the overview and get progressively more detailed information about individual aspects of the technology.

You can also use the action menu on the right to display three levels of information for all aspects of the technology. The first, most general level contains a summary of the technology and an overview of evaluation categories. The second level contains a breakdown of all the general categories into their specific evaluation criteria, which are rated. The third level contains comments on these criteria. A short description of the action menu follows:

Views of this page
This lets you decide how much detail you wish to display.

Show overviewdisplays a summary of the technology and an overview of the general evaluation categories
Show evaluationdisplays the evaluation criteria with ratings
Show detailsdisplays comments on evaluation criteria

By clicking on "Evaluation Briefing", located under "Help" at the top right-hand side of the page, you can access information about the method of evaluation.