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What does the database include?
The database contains railway-related energy efficiency technologies and projects. You can find detailed evaluations of technologies, research and development activities, pilot applications and relevant purchasing projects. New technologies and projects can be submitted. This encourages active user involvement and ensures that the database is constantly updated.

How can I find evaluated technologies?
In the technologies section of the database, there is a list of published technologies. Evaluated technologies have been marked with a red check. To see detailed information on a specific technology in the list, please click on that technology's underlined name.
Please note: you can display three levels of information for all aspects of an evaluated technology. The load time for a detailed view of the page can range from 15 to 30 seconds for a user with a 56k modem.

Where can I find information about the evaluation method?
By clicking on "Evaluation Briefing", located under "Help" at the top right-hand side of the page in the database section, you can access information about the evaluation method.
open "Evaluation Briefing"

Where can I find help on using the database?
   In the database section you can click on these information buttons in order to get context-sensitive help in a pop-up window.

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