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   Flywheel based WESS  not evaluated  

Manufacturer / Railway company:
Calnetix Technologies LLC

Calnetix has built and implemented Flywheel based Wayside Energy Storage and Recovery Systems for Metro Rail Applications. These systems are add-ons to existing metro rail networks and can be implemented with minimal disruption or additional infrastructure.

Advantage for energy efficiency:
save upto 20% energy consumption and provide an attractive payback

Availability / Level of development:
Mature, in production, projects already implemented and running since 2014

Flywheels are a very reliable and compact energy recovery option with stable operation in wide environmental conditions and long life with 100 second cycling capabilities, best suited for Metro Rail energy savings applications

References / Links:  Flywheels advantage;  Flywheel Mythbusters;  Flywheel WESS Energy Savings
Related projects:
Contact persons:  Venky Krishnan (Calnetix Technologies LLC)
 date created: 2017-01-07
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