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   Space Utilization  not evaluated  

Manufacturer / Railway company:

Conventional stock for long-distance and regional service has an exterior coach width of around 3245mm and a height of 4025mm with internal layout of 3+3+2 per bay multiplied by 9 bays accommodates 72 berths. In an effort to increase passenger accommodation per coach, trains could be developed that are comparatively spacious on the inside. For our purposes, we define a 4tier sleeper coach as one allowing 4 + 4 berths in the transverse arrangement and 3 berths in the longitudinal arrangement per bay in Non Air-conditioned sleeper. The gain in a 4tier coach version indicates an increase in capacity of 38%compared to the "enhanced" version and 52% compared to the “standard” version.

Advantage for energy efficiency:
Overall requirement of energy is reduced by increasing the number of passengers for the same train length.

Availability / Level of development:
Concept stage

Specifically applicable to saturated sections on popular routes.

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Attachments:  Enhanced Sleeper Coach Technology_Space Utilisation.pdf;  Enhanced Sleeper Coach Technology_Space Utilisation.docx
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Contact persons:  Gopal Dalmia (Pondicherry railway projects coordination commitee)
 date created: 2011-06-07
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