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   Hybrid locomotives  not evaluated  

Manufacturer / Railway company:
RailPower Technologies Corporation

Green Goat hybrid is 2,000 h.p. equivalent. It has a 130 h.p. diesel genset and over 50,000 lbs of lead acid batteries which have an estimated lifespan of 10 years and are recyclable. The smaller Green Kid is the industrial model of 750-1,000 h.p. equivalent. Both are switcher (shunting) locomotives.

Advantage for energy efficiency:
They reduce diesel fuel consumption in the order of 45% when compared to conventional switchers. They also reduce NOx and particulate (PM) emissions 80-90%. With digital electronics, they can also be operated remotely.

Availability / Level of development:
Green Goat is available. The Green Kid industrial model is available..

Hybrid locomotives provide cleaner, cheaper railyard power. Old switchers can now be recycled into new hybrid locomotives. Alternative applications include tunnel rescue as well as special purpose 'Green Commuter' service. Inherently quiet, they offer a remedial option close to noise-sensitive residential areas.

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Contact persons:  Nigel Horsley (RailPower Technologies Corporation)
 date created: 2003-04-30
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