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    11 Intelligent lighting management for railway depots  

Project type:
Pilot project

Go-Ahead, UK

United Kingdom

For depots: implementation from 2008-2009 For platforms: pilot projects started in 2009

Project aims:
Energy Savings, Reduction of carbon footprint, Reduction of LCC.

Application area:
(no details available) vehicle(s)


Within the framwork of a cooperation between Go-Ahead and the Carbon Trust of UK an overall energy and CO2 saving strategy was developed. As one of the high potential measures with good cost-benefit ratio intelligent lighting systems were implemeted at 45 of the companies biggest sites (train maintencance and bus depots). Technically, the old lighting has been replaced by intelligent high bay lighting systems equipped with integral lux and movement sensors ensuring that light comes only on when required and at a level that takes into account ambient light.


Energy efficiency gains:

The new sensor equiped intelligent lighting systems reduce the energy consumption up to 70% as compared to the old system. After implementation, the on-site energy consumption has been reduced in average by 27%.


Costs (investment, operation, maintenance):

Reduction of energy costs by 27% after full implementation (2 years). Reduced maintenance and re-lamping costs. Increased life time of lamps.

References / Links:  Go-Ahead;  Carbontrust UK
Related technologies:
Contact persons:  Samantha Hodder (Go-ahead);  Carbon trust information centre (Carbon Trust)
 date created: 2012-10-20
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