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    06 Optimising electric equipment in stations  

Project type:
Implementation into fleet

DB AG, Crossrail, SNCB, SNCF, ÖBB, ZS

Germany, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Serbia, Austria

Ongoing, first activities started around 2000.

Project aims:
Reduction of the energy consumption of stations by utilization of energy efficient equipment such as escalators, elevators and ventilation fans.

Application area:
Railways: DB AG, Crossrail, SNCB, SNCF, ÖBB, ZS JSC Manufacturers: Kone, Schindler, Otis, Thyssen/Krupp vehicle(s)


The use of energy efficient equipment in stations focuses on two aspects. The first one is the procurement of energy efficient equipment and components and especially such ones which already provide advanced energy management options. The second aspect is the efficient operation of such equipment, e.g. the operations of escalators with motion sensors which are only switched on when people actually start to use them. Energy efficient elevators with permanent magnet synchronous motor and energy recuperation can save up to 70% of the energy.


Energy efficiency gains:

Up to 70% reduction of energy consumption for single units (e.g. escalators and elevators), in average up to 30%.


Costs (investment, operation, maintenance):

Energy operational costs after implementation reduced by up to 70% for single units; in average up to 30%. Lower maintenance for some energy efficient equipent types (as e.g. escalators) due to the reduction of annual operating hours.

Return on investment (ROI): Less than 2 years for the installation of an motor efficiency controller (energy savings between 23% und 26%). Service life time for escalators with motion sensors is increased.


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References / Links:  e4 project;  Link;  Schindler PDF;  Escalator PDF;  e4 estimations PDF;  Procurement guidelines PDF
Related technologies:
Contact persons:  Simon Hirzl (Fraunhofer)
 date created: 2012-10-19
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