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    12 Energy management for railway workshops  

Project type:
Implementation into fleet

Infrabel, DB AG, NS, ÖBB, Trenitalia and others

Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and other countries

2006-2007 (for the SNCB project)

Project aims:
Energy audit and energy efficiency measures within the framework of the implementation of an environmental management system and ISO 140021 certification.

Application area:
(no details available) vehicle(s)


An environmental management system according to ISO 140021 was implemented and certified for the Bascoup workshop of Infrabel. Within the framework of certification process a complete energy audit has been performed and high potential energy efficiency measures have been identified and implemented. Main improvements included the reinfored insulation of the workshop buildings, the introduction of high output lighting and the improvement of the energy management of the buildings. The approach also put a strong emphasis on involving personnel and raising their awareness through training and competence management.


Energy efficiency gains:

For the Bascoup workshop (Infrabel, Belgium) the gas consumption was reduced by 31% (in 2008 as compared to the baseline 2005), electricity consumption was reduced by 6% (same baseline).


Costs (investment, operation, maintenance):

Investment costs not available.

Cost reductions related to the reduced energy consumption (gas and electric energy).


Related technologies:

Energy audits, building renovation, efficient ligthing systems


References / Links:  Infrabel;  EIM Rail
Related technologies:
Contact persons:  Willy Bontinck (SNCB)
 date created: 2012-10-20
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