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  • Who can contribute technologies?
  • How can a technology or a project be suggested?
  • What kind of content can be added?

  • Who can contribute technologies or projects?
    Anyone who wants to make a contribution. The success of the Information Platform depends on the quality and quantity of information on it. To ensure its success, content on the Information Platform must be accurate and easy to understand. To achieve these high standards, the Information Platform uses a publishing process that involves contributors and editors. First, contributors submit content to the Information Platform. After receiving a confirmation that their contribution has been received, they can then review their data and ensure that it is accurate and relevant. In the second stage of the workflow, editors check the contribution to make sure that its content is appropriate for the Information Platform and that the contribution can be properly displayed by all browsers. Editors can call in the help of contributors if the text needs modification. When a contribution is reviewed and meets all criteria, editors evaluate the technology and publish the evaluated technology or the project.

    How can a technology or a project be suggested?
    To add content to this site, you have to register. This can be done by going to the technologies or projects section of the database (from the left-hand navigation bar). After clicking on "Add Technology" or "Add Project", located under "Your Contribution" on the right-hand side of the page, the registration mask will appear.
    Why do I have to register?
    You are asked to enter your name and your valid email address before you can add a technology or a project to the database. This allows you to be sent an email with a link, so that you can confirm or edit your contribution. If you do not confirm your contribution, it will not be published.

    What kind of content can be added?
    After you have registered, you can fill out the different fields in the forms in order to add content in a structured way. Required fields are marked. To add references, contacts or attachments, you have to save at least the name of the technology or project first.
    For optimum compatibility and display, picture files should be either in GIF or JPEG formats and should not have more than 25 KB each. Pictures should be no more than 440 pixels wide. Only text documents in PDF format can be uploaded.
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