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 Overall Potential     
Hybrid locomotives    
SOTRELE:Real Time Power and Energy Optimisation System    
Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS)    
Automatic Train Control 2    
Fuel Stabilizer    
Space Utilization    
Flywheel based WESS    
Transversal flux motor promising  
Elimination of dining car not promising  
Fuel or oil additives for diesel traction not promising  
Optimisation of traction software promising  
Aerodynamic optimisation of pantographs interesting  
Aluminium car-body very promising  
Fibre reinforced polymers promising  
Sandwich structures promising  
Light coach interior equipment promising  
Single-axle bogies very promising  
Articulated trains (Jakob-type bogies) promising  
Mechatronic innovations for future running gear very promising  
Streamlining of head and tail not promising  
Streamlining of train sides and underfloor areas interesting  
Bogie fairings very promising  
Aerodynamic ordering of freight cars promising  
Double-decked stock very promising  
Wide-body stock very promising  
Multiple units (MUs) vs. loco-hauled trains very promising  
Medium-frequency transformer very promising  
HTSC transformer very promising  
IGBT very promising  
Wheel-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor promising  
Switch-off of traction group very promising  
Ventilation control (in new stock) very promising  
Ventilation control (retrofit) promising  
Loss reduction by optimised power intake interesting  
Upgrading of engines interesting  
Future developments in diesel technology promising  
Common Rail very promising  
Biodiesel not promising  
Diesel-electric vehicles with energy storage promising  
Regenerative braking in 16,7 Hz, 15 kV systems very promising  
Radio-controlled double traction in freight trains not promising  
Regenerative braking in freight trains interesting  
On-board use of braking energy in diesel-electric stock very promising  
Revision of limit value for longitudinal forces in the train interesting  
Inverter unit for DC substations promising  
On-board energy storage in DC systems promising  
Stationary energy storage promising  
Fly-wheels (storage technology) promising  
Batteries (storage technology) interesting  
Double-layer capacitors (storage technology) very promising  
Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (storage technology) not promising  
PEM fuel cell interesting  
Natural gas interesting  
Hydrogen engine interesting  
Gas turbine interesting  
Magnetic levitation technology (maglev) promising  
Swissmetro interesting  
Coach insulation promising  
Modification of target temperature in passenger coaches very promising  
Smart windows interesting  
Improved operation control for air-conditioning interesting  
ORC technology to use waste heat in MUs interesting  
Heat exchangers to use waste heat in MUs promising  
CO2-based demand control for coach ventilation very promising  
Excess ventilation promising  
Control of comfort functions in parked trains very promising  
Coupling of parked trains for common energy supply interesting  
Energetic optimisation of timetable promising  
Systematic train delays interesting  
Energy efficient driving strategies very promising  
Energy efficient driving by low-tech measures very promising  
Driving advice systems in suburban operation very promising  
Driving advice systems in main line operation very promising  
Driving advice systems in freight operation promising  
Automatic train control interesting  
Optimisation of train operation by control center very promising  
Moving block promising  
Demixing of railway infrastructure interesting  
Speed harmonisation not promising  
Self-propelled freight cars interesting  
Modular train sets promising  
Virtually coupled trains promising  
LCC-driven procurement very promising  
Reference cycle for energy efficiency promising  
Bonus/penalty rules very promising  
Energy meters (electric) very promising  
Database of traction consumption promising  
Incentives for drivers interesting  
Training programs to raise awareness of personnel very promising  
Covers for open freight cars promising  
Re-engining of diesel stock (replacement of engine) very promising  
Diesel-mechanic transmission promising  
Regenerative braking in DC systems very promising  
Regenerative braking in 50 Hz, 25 kV systems very promising  
Lubrication of wheels and tracks interesting  
Diesel flow meters interesting  
Passenger information to reduce boarding time at stations promising  
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