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 Project type     
New double-decked Regiorunners Purchasing project Netherlands  
Studies performed on energy storage systems Feasibility study Netherlands  
Energy Management System of New Coaches Purchasing project Switzerland  
Ecodriving R&D project Sweden  
PLC system on parked trains Pilot project Sweden  
EnergieSparen (Energy saving) Implementation into fleet Germany  
PROSPER (Procedures for Rolling Stock Procurement with Environmental Requirements) R&D project International 02/2002-04/2003
Natural gas propelled railcar R&D project France 1 year, completed
08 Energy upgrade of buildings (offices, stations and workshops) Implementation into fleet Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK 1-3 years (2012)
04 SUS Station - Supporting Sustainable Stations (EU project) Feasibility study Germany, Netherlands, UK, France 17.4.2008 - 31.12.2013
The purchase of the new Copenhagen S-trains Purchasing project Denmark 1990-today
Bogie fairings R&D project Germany, Italy, France 1996-2001
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