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 Project type     
Rail Flywheel Product - Los Angeles Metro Purchasing project, Retrofit measure, Purchasing policy, Implementation into fleet, Pilot project, R&D project, Feasibility study USA Since 2014
11 Intelligent lighting management for railway depots Pilot project United Kingdom For depots: implementation from...
07 Control of lighting (for stations, platforms, workshops, offices etc.)   Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany,... 2009 - present
18 Control of switch heating   Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands,... SBB: 2005- ongoing ProRail: 2010...
Energy Management System of New Coaches Purchasing project Switzerland  
Savings on Coaches, Type Bpm Retrofit measure, Pilot project Switzerland 4 years
Optimised Ventilation Control Re 4/4 II, Re 4/4 III Retrofit measure, Implementation into fleet Switzerland End in 2004
14 LED lighting systems for marshalling yards Implementation into fleet Switzerland Pilot: 2010/2011, roll-out:...
17 Energy efficient cooling of switch boxes Pilot project Switzerland Started 2011 (free air cooling)
Ecodriving R&D project Sweden  
PLC system on parked trains Pilot project Sweden  
Opencell technology for railway applications R&D project Portugal 2 years
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