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 Project type     
Ecodriving R&D project Sweden  
Natural gas propelled railcar R&D project France 1 year, completed
THALES: hybrid tram train with on-board ultracapacitors R&D project France Start: 12/2000
PROSPER (Procedures for Rolling Stock Procurement with Environmental Requirements) R&D project International 02/2002-04/2003
Opencell technology for railway applications R&D project Portugal 2 years
Shunting locomotive with LNG propulsion Pilot project Germany 1996-2002
Railcar with CNG propulsion Pilot project Germany  
Energy meters Pilot project Italy  
Economy Meter Pilot project Netherlands 2003
PLC system on parked trains Pilot project Sweden  
02 Solar panels (PV) mounted on platform roofs, stations and/or workshops Pilot project Germany, UK, Netherlands Ongoing (2012)
10 Reuse of waste heat from workshops for district heating Pilot project Netherlands Since 2010 (ongoing)
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