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 Project type     
19 Using heat pumps for heating of switches Implementation into fleet Netherlands 2009-2011
18 Control of switch heating   Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands,... SBB: 2005- ongoing ProRail: 2010...
17 Energy efficient cooling of switch boxes Pilot project Switzerland Started 2011 (free air cooling)
16 Green data centres Implementation into fleet Germany, USA, UK and others last 5 years
15 LED lighting systems for signalling Implementation into fleet Netherlands long-term project until 2020
14 LED lighting systems for marshalling yards Implementation into fleet Switzerland Pilot: 2010/2011, roll-out:...
13 Weather data based heating and cooling control of railway workshop Pilot project Germany 2009-2011
12 Energy management for railway workshops Implementation into fleet Belgium, Germany, Netherlands,... 2006-2007 (for the SNCB project)
11 Intelligent lighting management for railway depots Pilot project United Kingdom For depots: implementation from...
10 Reuse of waste heat from workshops for district heating Pilot project Netherlands Since 2010 (ongoing)
09 Awareness campaigns for Energy Efficiency Implementation into fleet Belgium, Netherlands Since 2008
08 Energy upgrade of buildings (offices, stations and workshops) Implementation into fleet Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK 1-3 years (2012)
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