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 Project type     
01 Heat pumps (geothermal, soil reservoir, air-based) Implementation into fleet Netherlands 2011- (ongoing)
Savings on Coaches, Type Bpm Retrofit measure, Pilot project Switzerland 4 years
20 The Carbon ladder - contractor involvement Implementation into fleet Netherlands Developed and in use since 2009.
Optimised Ventilation Control Re 4/4 II, Re 4/4 III Retrofit measure, Implementation into fleet Switzerland End in 2004
11 Intelligent lighting management for railway depots Pilot project United Kingdom For depots: implementation from...
A Driving Audible device for retrofitting onto non-ATO subway train to save traction energy Retrofit measure, Pilot project Hong Kong Special Administration... It has taken around two years to...
16 Green data centres Implementation into fleet Germany, USA, UK and others last 5 years
15 LED lighting systems for signalling Implementation into fleet Netherlands long-term project until 2020
03 Upgrade of heating systems in stations, office buildings and workshops Implementation into fleet Netherlands, Belgium Ongoing
02 Solar panels (PV) mounted on platform roofs, stations and/or workshops Pilot project Germany, UK, Netherlands Ongoing (2012)
05 Check lists for good practise examples for shops/concessions in stations Feasibility study Netherlands Ongoing (2012)
06 Optimising electric equipment in stations Implementation into fleet Germany, Belgium, UK, Switzerland,... Ongoing, first activities started...
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