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 Project type     
12 Energy management for railway workshops Implementation into fleet Belgium, Germany, Netherlands,... 2006-2007 (for the SNCB project)
09 Awareness campaigns for Energy Efficiency Implementation into fleet Belgium, Netherlands Since 2008
Software to reduce energy consumption of parked trains Retrofit measure, Implementation into fleet Denmark  
The purchase of the new Copenhagen S-trains Purchasing project Denmark 1990-today
Natural gas propelled railcar R&D project France 1 year, completed
THALES: hybrid tram train with on-board ultracapacitors R&D project France Start: 12/2000
Energy chains of alternative fuels Feasibility study Germany 1999-2000
High performance motor for direct drive R&D project Germany  
ESF Implementation into fleet Germany  
Flytrain Pilot project, R&D project Germany  
Fuel Cell Feasibility study Germany  
Hybrid vehicle Feasibility study Germany 1999-2000
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