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Rail Flywheel Product - Los Angeles Metro Purchasing project, Retrofit measure, Purchasing policy, Implementation into fleet, Pilot project, R&D project, Feasibility study USA Since 2014
The purchase of the new Copenhagen S-trains Purchasing project Denmark 1990-today
New double-decked Regiorunners Purchasing project Netherlands  
Energy Management System of New Coaches Purchasing project Switzerland  
Software to reduce energy consumption of parked trains Retrofit measure, Implementation into fleet Denmark  
Optimised Ventilation Control Re 4/4 II, Re 4/4 III Retrofit measure, Implementation into fleet Switzerland End in 2004
CO2-controlled ventilation Retrofit measure, Pilot project Netherlands  
Savings on Coaches, Type Bpm Retrofit measure, Pilot project Switzerland 4 years
A Driving Audible device for retrofitting onto non-ATO subway train to save traction energy Retrofit measure, Pilot project Hong Kong Special Administration... It has taken around two years to...
Choppers for Sprinter train sets Retrofit measure Netherlands 2003/04
Bonus/Penalty Rules in weight reduction Purchasing policy Netherlands  
Modifications in temperature and ventilation control Implementation into fleet Netherlands  
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