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    A Driving Audible device for retrofitting onto non-ATO subway train to save traction energy  

Project type:
Retrofit measure, Pilot project

Star Top (H.K.) Ltd.

Hong Kong Special Administration Region, China

It has taken around two years to develop the Driver Audible System, which is now ready to be launched to the market.

Project aims:
There are many subway systems built more than 20 years ago, without ATO fitted. Retrofitting ATO onto old lines and old trains are extremely expensive to be justified. So many railways are still rely manual driving practice. So there is great demand for a

Application area:
Mainly metro trains, light rail vehicles. The technology adopted could also be later be applicable to sub-urban trains as well. vehicle(s)

This device is a micro-processor controlled electronic system. This is small and only two two signals from the train, so it can be easily retorfitted inside the cab. The railway operator has to provide railway and rolling stock data, so train simulation will be carried out to find out the optimum driving practice for each interstation run, under different loading condition. The optimum driving data will then be downloaded into the device. The driver only has to set the route once when the journet starts at the terminal station. Then the rest of journey audible advice will be given to driver automatically so arrival at next station will be on time. If the train leaves the station earlier, the advice will be adjusted automatically to arrive next station on time. Updating the data can be done through simulation in Hong Kong, downloaded to Internet wbesite, then the railway operator can gain access to the new data by downloading the new data from Internet to a PDA. The maintenance staff can use the PDA to transmit the new data into the device through an infra-red system. The whole updating process could be done in one night onto all devices within all cabs. Although the system is quite sophisticated, it is intended to be launched in a low cost manner. To convince the operator that this will save the energy cost, trial could be arranged on one selected Line at " No cost" with all cabs fitted so the saving can be confirmed in more representative way. Depending upon the scale of order, different payment method can be adopetd : - "Free Investment" by operator. The operator can acquire this system as a services, so payment can be made from the energy cost. Alternatively, an agreed sharing of the energy saving cost. - A lump sum order, for the fleetwide installation, afer confirmation that trial has been successful.

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Contact persons:  Albert Chui (Star Top (HK) Ltd.)
 date created: 2004-02-26
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