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    High performance motor for direct drive  

Project type:
R&D project



(no details available)

Project aims:
Assessment of technological and economic potential and development of a direct drive electric traction motor

Application area:
(no details available) vehicle(s)


Both the construction of permanent magnet synchronous motor and a motor using the transversal flux principle were studied and realised. The motors have been examined on test benches. The results of the project met the expectations related to mass and electrical loss reduction, thermal behavior and shock resistance. Before a series production can be considered one year of testing on a test carrier is required according to DB AG. Train-Manufacturers originally were not interested in a development of a direct drive but show interest now. JR East now has a first prototype people-mover with permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive. According to DB AG, efficiency of transversal flux machine couplings is 96 %, synchronous motor couplings 93%,  compared to 91 % of asynchronous motor gears couplings.

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Related technologies:  Wheel-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor;  Transversal flux motor
Contact persons:  Thomas Klockow (DB (Systemtechnik, TZF 71))
 date created: 2003-02-26
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