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    Bogie fairings  

Project type:
R&D project


Germany, Italy, France


Project aims:
Assessment of aerodynamic drag and noise reduction by shielded train bogies

Application area:
1 vehicle(s)


During the joint research project involving DB AG, FS and SNCF, the potential of shielded bogies for reducing aerodynamic resistance was evaluated and tested. Wind channel tests revealed a substantial energy efficiency potential. Bogie fairings tailored to the Italian high-speed train ETR 500 were then manufactured and installed.
In a reduced scale test with a model of ETR 500 the effect of different fairing contours were investigated. The test indicated that the reduction of the aerodynamic drag could be up to 20% for optimised bogie fairings assembled in-line with the train contour. In the 1:1 scale test a fairing design ready for retro-fitting was examined for velocities up to 300 km/h.
The full scale test series performed on the modified ETR 500 train demonstrated reduction in running resistance of 10 % compared to the standard configuration without fairings. In addition, noise emission was reduced by 3 dB(A).

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Contact persons:  Dr. Thorsten Tielkes (DB Systemtechnik, TZF 102)
 date created: 2003-02-26
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