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    EnergieSparen (Energy saving)  

Project type:
Implementation into fleet

Deutsche Bahn AG


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Project aims:
Implementation of short-term measures for energy saving in passenger transport

Application area:
Wide-spread application vehicle(s)


The project identifies short-term saving measures and implements them into the passenger fleet. Main foci are:

  • To enhance an energy saving driving style by training and sensitising the personnel
  • To make energy consumption for traction more transparent
  • To develop incentive systems

The introduction of new technologies being a mid- and long-term issue is not covered by the project.
The cost-benefit ratio of the project turned out to be good.

References / Links:
Related technologies:  Training programs to raise awareness of personnel;  Energy meters (electric);  Incentives for drivers;  Energy efficient driving by low-tech measures
Contact persons:  Heinrich Strößenreuther (Deutsche Bahn AG)
 date created: 2003-01-07
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