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    Contest Energy optimisation of "Metropolitan" trains  

Project type:
Pilot project, Feasibility study

Deutsche Bahn AG



Project aims:
Show effectiveness of sensitisation of personnel for saving energy

Application area:
2 vehicle(s)


Parts of the personnel operating the Metropolitan trains running between Hamburg and Cologne were invited to participate in a contest for saving energy in regular service. The drivers' were informed about different saving measures (e.g. increased use of recuperation brakes) and the outcome of the measure was measured by means of on-board energy meters. The contest showed a strong influence of drivers behaviour on energy consumption as well as the effectiveness of measures to raise the awareness of personnel.

References / Links:
Related technologies:  Training programs to raise awareness of personnel;  Energy efficient driving by low-tech measures;  Incentives for drivers
Contact persons:  Heinrich Strößenreuther (Deutsche Bahn AG)
 date created: 2003-01-07
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