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    Natural gas propelled railcar  

Project type:
R&D project

SNCF in collaboration with Gaz de France, Alstom De Dietrich Ferroviaire and MAN


1 year, completed

Project aims:
Assessment of feasibility, then advanced studies on major technical aspects and safety for the development and testing of a natural gas propelled railcar based on CNG and ANG storage.

Application area:
None on the first stage vehicle(s)


SNCF realises a project on natural gas propulsion involving a railcar running on compressed natural gas (CNG). Simultaneously, the emerging technology of adsorbed natural gas (ANG) is explored.
Main R&D areas include the development of an efficient gas version of the current diesel engine (2 engines of type MAN D 2866 LUH 21 with 257 kW each) and convenient storage technologies. Furthermore, safety and regulatory issues are closely evaluated
Natural gas is seen by SNCF as one of today's best short-to-medium-term options for replacing diesel traction in some specific applications. Main benefits are seen in reduced emission, noise as well as reduced smell and smoke.
The project is partly funded by the French PREDIT programme for ground transportation research.

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Related technologies:  Natural gas
Contact persons:  Jean Chabas (SNCF (Research and Development Division))
 date created: 2003-02-28
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