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    PLC system on parked trains  

Project type:
Pilot project



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Project aims:
Development and testing of an energy management system for parked trains.

Application area:
4 coaches vehicle(s)


The project aiming at the investigation of the energy use in parked trains and to install an energy saving system is going on. The so called PLC system (Programmable Logistic Control) will optimise the use of electricity so that heat and light is minimised during parking hours, but automatically switched back on well before service starts again. During service the temperature lies between 18 and 20 degrees  C. When service ends, coach temperature is lowered to 12 degrees  C, and raised again to service temperature one hour before service start. This is done fully automatically. In order to avoid failures everything is built in twice.
The system has been installed on 4 coaches. The theoretical saving potential is 20 - 25% of the heating energy corresponding to about 15.000 kWh per year and coach.
The measure is expected to pay off quickly.

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Related technologies:  Control of comfort functions in parked trains
Contact persons:  Lena Lukaszewicz (SJ AB)
 date created: 2002-12-21
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