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    New double-decked Regiorunners  

Project type:
Purchasing project



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Project aims:
Procurement of new energy efficient double-decked coaches

Application area:
A total of 252 Regiorunner coaches have been ordered. vehicle(s)


According to NS Reizigers these new coaches will form the most energy efficient train sets of the company, with energy consumed per seat-km reduced by 33% compared to the present average for the fleet. This is owed to improvements such as weight reduction, lower air resistance and modern traction installations limiting start-up currents as well as feeding back braking energy. According to calculations made at NS, the introduction of the new Regiorunners coaches will improve overall energy efficiency of train operation at NS Reizigers by about 6,5 %.

References / Links:
Related technologies:  Double-decked stock;  Regenerative braking in DC systems
Contact persons:  Hr Wilco FIECHTER (NS Rezigers)
 date created: 2002-12-22
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