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    Modifications in temperature and ventilation control  

Project type:
Implementation into fleet

NS Rezigers


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Project aims:
Reduction of energy demand for comfort functions through modification of target valus for temperature and ventilation

Application area:
Fleet-wide introduction vehicle(s)


Within the framework of the energy convenant at Dutch NS, studies were conducted on the feasibility and saving potential of modifications made on target temperature and ventilation rate. The criterion that a minimum of 90 % of the passengers have to be satisfied with train comfort was applied.
A measure to implement the findings is on the way in NS Reizigers.
It is estimated that the total energy demand of NS Reizigers could be reduced by 1-3% by the following measures: Coach temperature is reduced by 3-4 K for – 10°C outside temperature, and by 0.5 K for 5°C outside temperature. Ventilation rate can also be reduced in many cases.
Costs are estimated to be very small.

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Related technologies:  Modification of target temperature in passenger coaches
Contact persons:  Hr Wilco FIECHTER (NS Rezigers)
 date created: 2002-12-20
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